Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh

Total new homes500
Area size27.00 hectares
Growth RegionMelbourne West Growth Corridor
City councilMelton City Council
Developer Madison Quay, YHS Projects
Creative agency Truly Deeply
Distance to Melbourne Airport - 22 km west Melbourne CBD - 33 km west

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Land Price Trend in Strathtulloh VIC 3338

  • In Jul - Sep 23, the median price for vacant land in Strathtulloh VIC 3338 was $285,200. *
  • From Oct - Dec 17 to Jul - Sep 23, the median price for vacant land in Strathtulloh VIC 3338 has increased 66.98%. *
  • From 2011 to 2022, the median price for vacant land in Strathtulloh VIC 3338 has increased 145.93%. *
* Price data comes from Valuer-General Victoria on 06/12/23

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Suburb Planning Review in Strathtulloh VIC 3338

Strathtulloh is with the City of Melton located 40 kilometres west of Melbourne and named after a heritage-listed property located on Greigs Road. Strathtulloh is approximately 1,093 ha, which is bounded by Mount Cottrell Road to the west, Toolern Creek natural waterway corridor to the east, Alfred Road, Ferris Road and Bridge Road to the north and Greigs Road West to the south.

Strathtulloh was gazetted by the Office of Geographic Names on 9 February 2017 under the direction of the Victorian State Government, following a proposal for 11 new suburbs by the City of Melton. The new suburbs have strict density changes to ensure density does not exceed 20,000 residents, ensure vibrant community neighbourhood hubs, provide affordable housing and maintain the geographic characteristics.


Strathtulloh Suburb Location


The suburb is made up of two parts (northern and southern), as listed below:

  • The northern area is set to be redeveloped under the Toolern Precinct Structure Plan which will provide schools, parks and new residential dwellings with an increased density; and
  • The southern area known as ‘Strathtulloh Estate’ is a low/semi-rural density area with agriculture surrounded by bushland which will remain undeveloped 


Strathtulloh – Zoning Map (source VicPlan March 2022)


Strathtulloh contains zones that maintain the development intentions of the planning scheme. The Green Wedge Zone (GWZ) is found in the southern portion of the area, the Public Park / Recreation Zone (PPRZ) and Rural Conservation Zone (RCZ) are both located along the western boundary and adjoins the Toolern Creek Park corridor. 

The Toolern Precinct Structure Plan includes the Urban Growth Zone (UGZ) located in the northern area of Strathtulloh and enables Melton Shire Council to provide a range of physical and social infrastructure as part of the development of the area, with further infrastructure to be provided by the redevelopment of the new suburb. 


Toolern Precinct Structure Plan - Northern Strathtulloh Location


The Toolern Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) provides recreation and residential infrastructure necessary to support the long-term strategic planning direction for a more sustainable growth area. The new growth area of Cobblebank-Strathtulloh is expected to provide for over 35,000 people by 2051.

The Toolern PSP was prepared by Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) in consultation with the City of Milton and was approved by the Minister for Planning in October 2010. The decision was officially gazetted in November 2011 under Amendment CO84 (Part 1) to the Milton Planning Scheme. The Toolern Precinct Structure Plan was later amended in December 2015 under amendment C161.

Green Wedge

Strathtulloh is within the northern portion of the Western Plains South Green Wedge, which refers to a non-urban land that surrounds the Urban Growth Boundary of Melbourne and was put in place by the Victorian Government in 2002. The city of Melton is preparing a management plan with other surrounding council areas to provide a framework to support sustainable development, land use and management. 

  • Provide opportunities for agricultural uses, such as market gardening, viticulture, aquaculture, farm forestry and broadacre farming
  • Preserve rural and scenic landscapes
  • Preserve renewable and non-renewable resources and natural areas (such as water catchments)
  • Providing and safeguarding sites for infrastructure that supports urban areas, and
  • Provide opportunities for tourism and recreation.


The southern area will be controlled by a management plan for the Western Plains South Green Wedge (WPSGW) that is being prepared and until such time the planning principles of the prepared background report will guide future development. The report can be found here.


Strathtulloh - Western Plains South Green Wedge



The amendment to the Melton Planning Scheme provides suburb urban structure and redevelopment density direction within the existing Urban Growth Zone (UGZ). The Toolern PSP provides the planning framework to facilitate the new residential community, new schools, sports and recreation areas for future development.

The protection of the open space, parkland and Toolern Creek corridor will be controlled by the existing Public Park / Recreation Zone (PPRZ) and Rural Conservation Zone (RCZ).  The existing zoning allows for a series of linear public parklands that can be enjoyed by all future residents.

The envisaged school, sports fields and parks are strategically located within the northern portion of the suburb experiencing urban redevelopment. The future neighbourhood activity centre and surrounding suburbs provide areas that provide social, retail, employment and community infrastructure, with the largest located on Bridge Road adjacent to the northern boundary of Strathtulloh.



Strathtulloh will be connected to public passenger transport, with Melton train station and Toolner Train Station located in adjacent suburbs north of Strathtulloh. Both stations provide passenger train service to Melbourne CBD.

A shared pathway connects local parks, adjacent suburbs and residential areas in Strathtulloh. A road network is envisaged to connect the large rural residential lots with the approved and proposed residential subdivisions to facilitate vehicle access to the surrounding growth areas. Access to Ferris Road to the north will provide a direct connection to the Melton Highway/ Western Freeway interchange providing access to Melbourne CBD or western Victoria.


Strathtulloh Public Transport & Future Redevelopment Map


Atherstone Residential Community 

Property developer Lendlease has begun to establish a large residential community over the Cobblebank and Strathtulloh suburbs, in accordance with the Toolern PSP. The new master planned community is named ‘Atherstone’ and provides a variety of residential allotments, types of dwellings, parks and a local road network. The redevelopment has announced that future stages of development will be released. The redevelopment has protected the Public Park / Recreation Zone (PPRZ) and Rural Conservation Zone (RCZ) and facilitated the intended redevelopment of the Urban Growth Zone (UGZ).


Lendlease redevelopment – Atherstone Master planned Community (source Lendlease website)


New Suburb Summary


Strathtulloh, City of Melton

City / State

Melbourne, Victoria

Suburb Area

1,093 ha 


North – Alfred Road, Ferris Road and Bridge Road
West – Mount Cottrell Road

South - Greigs Road West

East - Toolern Creek natural waterway corridor 

Toolern PSP Inclusions

Suburb Inclusions

Low density conventional residential areas

Medium density residential areas

Parkland expansion along Creek Corridor Park

Children and Community Centre

District Sports Parks and local parks3

Neighbourhood Activity Centre

Community Amenity

Heritage and character values

General residential areas, proximity to local parks and schools 

Access to sporting fields, local parks and waterway corridor


South-East Melbourne, 48 km from Melbourne CBD 


Strathtulloh Primary School (constructed in 2021)

1x Government Schools

1x Non-government School

Residential development

Detached houses

Employment Areas

Neighbourhood activity centre

New School and sporting clubs

Adjoining local centres


Local road network 

Strategic Cycling Corridor – Main Route (C2)



Pedestrian and cycling links

Local road network 

Bus public transport

Future Secondary Arterial 

Toolern train station (recently constructed at Atherstone)

Recreation Areas 

4x Local parks

Large Recreation reserve

3x conservation areas

2x Sporting fields


Conservation area

Toolern Creek

Atherstone Northern Wetlands


Toolern Creek Homestead Remains

Toolern Creek Ruins

Settlement Pattern

Green Field



City of Milton – Strathtulloh Map

City of Milton – C122 Draft Planning Scheme Amendment

2019—2020 Federal Government Budget Submission

Western Plains South Green Wedge – Background Report

Western Plains South Green Wedge - Map

Victoria Planning Authority – Toolern PSP 

Atherstone Master planned Community


Planning Applications for Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh

Planning ApplicationLand reportNumber of lotsPlan numberLand surveyorLodged dateIntended useSettlement tracking
Ellerton Estate - Stage 6 171 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 333831 PS904964U, 27563 (6), PA2019/6584, SUB6563JCA Land Consultants26/04/2023 Street Addressing (Submitted on M1)
Ellerton Estate (3) 363 Ferris Road, Strathtulloh VIC 333853 PS915016J, 29527(3), PA2021/7394/1, SUB6552JCA Land Consultants30/03/2023 Street Addressing (Submitted on M1)
Ellerton Estate 363 Ferris Road, Strathtulloh VIC 333835 PS912881D, 29527, PA2021/7394/1, Sub6448JCA Land Consultants28/10/2022 Referral
363 Ferris Road, Strathtulloh VIC 33380 , 29527, PA2022/8082, Sub6408JCA Land Consultants05/09/2022Creation of drainage easement Registered at Land Use Victoria
171-211 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 333860 PS904924H, 27563(5), PA2019/6584, Sub6316JCA Land Consultants26/05/2022 Street Addressing (Submitted on M1)
171 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 33380 PS904923K, PA2019/6584, Sub6122/td> Submitted for Lodgement
Ellerton Estate - Stage 3 171 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 333835 PS904922M, 27563(3), PA2019/6584, Sub6121JCA Land Consultants23/09/2021 Submitted for Lodgement
Ellerton Estate - Stage 2 171 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 3338 171-211 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 333832 PS904921P, 27563(2), PA2019/6584, Sub5977JCA Land Consultants20/05/2021 Registered at Land Use Victoria
Ellerton Estate - Stage 1 171 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 3338 171-211 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 333846 PS848376X, 27563(1), PA2019/6584, Sub5976JCA Land Consultants20/05/2021 Registered at Land Use Victoria
171 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 3338 363-437 Ferris Road, Strathtulloh VIC 33380 BP003682S, 0611S206_BPSMEC Registered at Land Use Victoria
Atherstone - Ferris Road Stage 206B 171-211 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 33381 PS833860B, 0611s-206B, Sub5695SMEC05/08/2020 Registered at Land Use Victoria
Atherstone - Ferris Road & Alfred Street 171 Alfred Road, Strathtulloh VIC 33381 PS830841W, 0611s-206, N/A, Sub5462SMEC29/08/2019 Registered at Land Use Victoria

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FAQs about Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh

Who is the developer behind Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh?
Madison Quay and YHS Projects are the developers behind Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh.
View all estates from Madison Quay
View all estates from YHS Projects
How many homes does Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh consist of?
There will be 500 new homes in Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh.
What’s the total area size for Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh?
Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh has 27.00 hectares total area size.
Which city council does Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh fall under?
Melton City Council is the local government area for Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh.
Which schools near Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh?
Below are the nearby schools for Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh:
  • Strathtulloh Primary School - 1.4km north-west
  • St Lawrence of Brindisi Catholic Primary School - 2.7km west
  • Melton South Primary School - 3.0km north-west
  • St Anthony's School - 3.0km north-west
  • Staughton College - 3.5km north-west
  • Al Iman College - 3.8km north-west
Ellerton Estate - Strathtulloh