Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury

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  • The Icona Way collection of luxury townhomes at Everley Sunbury brings together both form and function to present an attractive and affordable option for young families and investors alike.
  • Each townhome has been designed with the modern lifestyle in mind; clever floorplans optimised for space and natural light are well proportioned for convenience, entertaining and everyday life.
  • Finished to the individual taste of its’ resident, choose from a selection of three beautiful and professionally curated internal colour palettes.
  • Each dwelling within Icona Way boasts three spacious bedrooms, two sleek bathrooms, and private lockup garage for one vehicle.
  • Located in the highly-desired Everley Estate in Sunbury, be close to an endless array of amenities. From cafes, restaurants, shopping, education, healthcare, transport, a cinema complex and even an aquatic centre, everything is at your fingertips.
Total new homes8
Area sizeN/A
Growth RegionMelbourne North Growth Corridor
City councilHume City Council
Developer Maple Living
Other namesQuartier Townhomes
Distance to Melbourne Airport - 11 km north-west Melbourne CBD - 31 km north-west


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Land Price Trend in Sunbury VIC 3429

  • In Oct - Dec 23, the median price for vacant land in Sunbury VIC 3429 was $387,900. *
  • From Oct - Dec 17 to Oct - Dec 23, the median price for vacant land in Sunbury VIC 3429 has increased 38.04%. *
  • From 2008 to 2022, the median price for vacant land in Sunbury VIC 3429 has increased 139.16%. *
* Price data comes from Valuer-General Victoria on 06/12/23

Vacancy Rate in Sunbury VIC 3429

View full vacancy rate history in Sunbury VIC 3429 via SQM Research.

Schools near Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury

Here are 6 schools near Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury:

Suburb Planning Review in Sunbury VIC 3429

Sunbury is approximately 22.1 square kilometres within the City of Hume, a largely rural location to the north-west of Melbourne’s outer suburbs of the Urban Growth Boundary and logical expansion of the former Sunbury township. The suburb is located 38 kilometres north-west of Melbourne CBD.

Sunbury became recognised as part of Greater Melbourne following the Victorian Government's resolution in 2009 to expand the urban growth boundary in 2011. This decision incorporated the region into the Melbourne Urban Area, specifically as the north-western periphery of Greater Melbourne.

Sunbury, QLD - Suburb Aerial


The suburb boundary is located along Jacksons Creek corridor to the North, with Emu Creek and Lancefield Road making up the eastern boundary. Watsons Road and Jacksons Creek provide the small southern boundary, with property boundaries and Calder Freeway providing the western boundary. 

Riddell Road, Vineyard Road and Sunbury Road provide local road access (north to south), along with Gap Road and Mundy Road provide local road access (East to West) throughout Sunbury linking to the Calder Freeway interchange found to the eastern boundary of the township. An additional southbound off-ramp is found in three locations along the eastern boundary.  The interchanges allow direct access for anyone travelling through the region.  

The suburb of Sunbury is a large established suburb, providing a range of residential settlement patterns, small-large property sizes, townhouses and multiple dwellings. A large northern portion and small southern pocket of the suburb is still rural land, with hilly terrain and waterway corridor located throughout. Sunbury slowly redeveloping, with existing local retail centres, supermarkets, small airport, train station, services, schools and recreational areas supporting the growth.

Sunbury, QLD – Local Government Areas


Melbourne 2030 (2008 Update) - Victorian Government

In 2002 the Victorian Government's blueprint for managing long-term growth in the surrounding region. The 2008 release of updated population projections in "Victoria in Future 2008" prompts a revaluation of development strategies, ensuring Melbourne remains adaptable. Acknowledging an inevitable population surge, "Melbourne @ 5 million" emphasises readiness and focuses on job creation and service provision in key areas.


The update prioritises preserving liveability and enhancing quality of life. It targets growth towards Melbourne's north and west while exploring expansion possibilities. Moreover, it encourages collaboration with councils to identify suitable redevelopment sites, underscoring the importance of community support for Melbourne's evolution as a top-tier city.


Key Facts:

  • Melbourne 2030 (2002): Established the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) to manage expansion 

  • UGB Purpose: Directs growth to areas with infrastructure while protecting land and environment.

  • 2010 UGB Review: Accommodated 600,000 new dwellings, primarily in north and west

  • Environmental Assessment: rigorous studies and Commonwealth approval to protect natural features.

  • Funding Infrastructure: Introduction of Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) and improved Development Contribution Plans (DCP).

  • 2012 Expansion: Added 6,000 hectares to UGB based on recommendations


Outer Melbourne Northern Suburbs Upgrade

Infrastructure Australia in 2016 identified the need to improve urban transport networks between Melbourne's Outer Northern Suburbs and the CBD, marking it as crucial within a medium-term timeframe of 5-10 years. The proposal aims to address pressing transportation challenges due to rapid growth in the Northern Growth Corridor. With projections indicating significant population and employment increases by 2031, existing road and rail infrastructure faces strain, leading to anticipated congestion and delays along the Hume Freeway and the Seymour Line.

Recognising the urgency, the Victorian and Australian Governments are collaborating on a comprehensive strategy integrating road and rail network planning. Through various projects and proposed reforms outlined in Victoria’s infrastructure strategy 2021-2051, efforts are underway to alleviate congestion and enhance transportation services in the corridor. Emphasising the need to explore diverse options, including infrastructure upgrades and reforms, this proposal seeks to meet the transportation needs of Melbourne's outer northern suburbs' growing population and employment hub.

Outer Melbourne Northern Suburbs Upgrade


Growth Corridor Plans
The Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) complement the broader land use framework outlined in the Growth Corridor Plans. PSPs are detailed planning documents that guide development within specific precincts, ensuring they align with the overarching goals of the Growth Corridor Plans. Developed through a consultative process involving stakeholders, PSPs provide a strategic blueprint for neighbourhood development. 


In 2012, the Growth Areas Authority (GAA) in collaboration with local councils, PSPs defined the pattern for neighbourhood growth, ensuring cohesion and sustainability over time. They play a crucial role in creating attractive, convenient, and sustainable local communities within the broader growth framework.

Growth Corridor Plans


Northern Growth Corridor Plan (Sunbury Shown)
Melbourne's north will undergo significant transformation, driven by a diverse socio-economic landscape and a burgeoning economy, supported by key infrastructure like Melbourne Airport and major transport arteries. The Northern Growth Corridor Plan aims to accommodate 260,000 residents and generate 83,000 jobs, focusing on advanced manufacturing, logistics, and the knowledge economy. The plan prioritizes preserving natural features, improving public transport, and developing new town centres to sustainably support the area's growth, alongside initiatives to provide diverse housing options for evolving community needs.

Northern Growth Corridor Plan


Sunbury/Diggers Rest Growth Corridor Plan 
Sunbury and Diggers Rest are nestled amidst rolling hills, tree-lined creek valleys, and open spaces. The Growth Corridor Plan anticipates accommodating a population of over 71,000 people and 10,000 jobs in the area. The well-established Sunbury town centre caters to residents and enjoys its 'country town' ambience, while also benefiting from proximity to major employment hubs like Melbourne Airport and Broadmeadows. Accessibility to Melbourne's CBD is facilitated by the Calder and Tullamarine Freeways, with further enhancements expected on the electrified Sunbury rail line.


However, limited local employment opportunities lead to pressure on transportation networks during peak hours. Sunbury's layout, shaped by plateaus and creek lines, gives rise to distinct urban areas connected to the main centre via arterial roads, though congestion is common due to restricted east-west connections.


Future development in Sunbury and Diggers Rest must address several key issues:

  • Improving local transport links, including creek crossings and main approach roads

  • Enhancing the range of local jobs and services

  • Strengthening the Sunbury town centre and providing quality local access 

  • Increasing Diggers Rest's population to support a wider range of amenities

  • Preserving and enhancing the semi-rural and natural environment

  • Establishing accessible open spaces, particularly along Jacksons and Emu creeks

Community Concept Plan - Growth Corridor



“Sunbury and Diggers Rest will develop as a highly attractive and liveable regional city linked to but distinct from the metropolitan area. Its distinctive creek environs, hills and rural hinterland provide an attractive landscape setting for the township, which will be maintained and enhanced. The environmental and cultural heritage values of Jacksons and Emu Creeks will be protected and enhanced, and community access to these areas will be improved over time. 


The Sunbury Town Centre will grow in importance as a regional hub and will be complemented by a series of smaller town centres that meet the local shopping and other needs of residents. Diggers Rest will grow to become a more self-contained neighbourhood, supported by a Local Town Centre, open space and community facilities. Transport access will improve over time, with the extension and electrification of rail services and extensions to the local bus networks, as well as road upgrades that improve connectivity within and to the town centre. 


These upgrades will better link the community to employment areas beyond Sunbury, including Melbourne Airport, the Craigieburn employment corridor and opportunities proposed in the Melton corridor. Additional employment opportunities will be provided within the town over time, within the Sunbury Town Centre, local centres and new local industrial precincts”.

Sunbury - Growth Corridor Plan


Precinct Structure Plans

The Growth Areas Authority, in collaboration with the Hume City Council, government agencies, service authorities, and key stakeholders, has developed the Precinct Structure Plans (PSP) for Sunbury. These plans are crafted to steer the redevelopment of designated land, creating interconnected neighbourhoods supported by diverse local town centres, schools, and community facilities. Additionally, measures to safeguard natural assets and conservation areas are incorporated to preserve habitats within the planned suburb.

The Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has approved the first two PSPs for various new communities within Sunbury, namely Sunbury South and Lancefield Road. The approval of Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) for Sunbury South and Lancefield Road brings significant developments, including:

  • Nearly 40% open space in new communities
  • Plans for a regional park and conservation network
  • Over two decades, 19,000 dwellings and 6,000 local jobs will be created
  • Two future train stations and nine new schools are proposed
  • Introduction of one new crossing over Jacksons Creek and three crossings over the railway corridor

PSP Relevant to Sunbury:

  • Sunbury South PSP (June 2018) - updated June 2022

  • Lancefi Future Precinct Structure Plans to be confirmed

  • Sunbury West (Future PSP)

  • Sunbury North (Future PSP)

PSP Locations


Precinct Structure Plan:

  • Acts as a roadmap for creating a high-quality urban environment

  • Establishes a vision for land development, outlining future urban structure and development objectives

  • Identifies necessary projects to ensure timely access to services and transport infrastructure for residents, visitors, and workers

  • Specifies the form and conditions for future land use and development

  • Sets the framework for development controls in the Urban Growth Zone

  • Guides planning permits within the zone

  • Offers direction for developers, investors, and local communities regarding future development

  • Complies with the requirements of the EPBC Act 1999

Sunbury South – Future Urban Structure Plan


Lancefield Road - Future Urban Structure Plan


Hume Regional Growth Plan
The Hume Regional Growth Plan was published in 2014 to offer a comprehensive approach to land use planning across the Council area. Accompanied by a background paper detailing considerations, the plan outlines strategies to foster growth and facilitate change over the next three decades. Building upon the Hume Strategy for Sustainable Communities 2010–2020, it aspires to realise a shared vision for the Hume Region. The plan outlines future development locations, preservation strategies for environmental and heritage assets, and regional infrastructure priorities to support growth.

The Hume Region will be resilient, diverse and thriving. It will capitalise on the strengths and competitive advantages of the four sub-regions, to harness growth for the benefit of the region and to develop liveable and sustainable communities.


Hume Council Planning Scheme (2024)

The council is responsible for ensuring adequate housing, facilities, infrastructure, and services for new residents and businesses. The city of Hume is experiencing rapid growth and to address this, the Council has continuously updated its planning scheme. The population will grow by more than 50% from just under 245,000 in 2021 to nearly 395,000 by 2041. When all current growth area land is developed the population will be around 420,000. Revisions to the plan may occur based on feedback and changes in circumstances, or new planning information. 

New development has occurred in the growth areas, supported by the zoning applied by the Hume Planning Scheme and the precinct structure plans. The new urban areas are supported by new schools, parks, sporting grounds, local centres and transport infrastructure.

Sunbury Zoning – Planning Mapping


Suburb Summary



City / State

Hume City Council

Suburb Area

22.1 square kilometres 


  • East – Emu Creek and Lancefield Road

  • North – Jacksons Creek 

  • South – Watsons Road and Jacksons Creek 

  • West  – property boundaries and Calder Freeway

Sunbury Area

Suburb inclusions

  • Village communities, low-density residential areas

  • Local parks, sports community complexes and reserves

  • Schools, local centres with supermarket


Sunbury, 38 kilometres north-west of Melbourne


  • Sunbury West Primary School

  • Sunbury Primary School

  • Sunbury Heights Primary School

  • Killara Primary School

  • Kismet Park Primary School

  • St Anne's Primary School

  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School

  • Goonawarra Primary School

  • Holy Trinity Primary School

  • Sunbury Downs College

  • Sunbury College 

  • Salesian College

  • Sunbury and Macedon Ranges Special School

Residential Types 

  • Stand-alone low-density dwellings

  • Townhouses and multiple dwellings

Employment Areas

  • Surrounding suburbs

  • Local businesses

  • Supermarkets

  • Retail

  • Transport

  • Schools

  • Local centres

  • Industrial area

  • Sports clubs

Transportation Types

  • Roads and bus networks

  • Train station

  • Pedestrian/cycle pathways

  • Airport

Recreation Areas 

  • Aldridge Drive Conservation Reserve

  • Angela Potts Park

  • Apex Park, Sunbury

  • Blind Creek Reserve

  • Blindcreek Reserve

  • Citriodora Reserve

  • Emu Bottom Wetlands Area

  • Eric Boardman Reserve Area

  • Galaxy Land Playground

  • Gecko Park

  • Heysen Drive Dog Off Leash Area

  • Jackson Creek

  • Jacksons Hill Reserve

  • Kid Friendly Local Park

  • Kismet Creek Reserve

  • Knox Bridge Nature Reserve

  • Langama Park

  • Lillie Park Gardens

  • Lions Park

  • Lollipop Crescent Park

  • Longtan Avenue Reserve

  • Memorial park 

  • Newman Park

  • Olive Grove Reserve

  • Redstone Cockatoo Park

  • Riddells Creek Recreation Reserve

  • Roger Free Park

  • Saxonwood Reserve

  • Sheoak Reserve

  • Spavin Drive Dam Dog Off Leash Area

  • St Genevieve Central Park

  • Stewarts Lane Nature Reserve

  • Sunbury Dog Park

  • Sunbury Recreational Reserve Dog Off Leash Area

  • Sunbury Rotary Club Rotunda

  • Tanninbrae Drive Park

  • The Common

  • The Glade Reserve

  • The Nook

  • Vietnam Memorial

  • Village Green

  • Vista Park

  • Walter J Smith Reserve

  • Westward Ho Drive Reserve


  • Conservation Reserves

  • Creek Corridors

Settlement Pattern

Informal grid patterns, with urban grid formation



Hume Council – PSP Locations Map
Melbourne 2030: A Planning Update
Melbourne Urban Growth boundary
Growth Corridor Plan – Managing Melbourne’s Growth
The North Growth Corridor Plan
The Sunbury Growth Corridor Plan
Melbourne outer northern suburbs to CBD capacity upgrade 
Lacefield Road Precinct Structure Plan - VPA
Sunbury South Precinct Structure Plan - VPA

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Estate Brochure, Masterplan, Engineering Plan, Plan of Subdivision (POS), Design Guidelines

FAQs about Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury

Who is the developer behind Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury?
Maple Living is the developer behind Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury.
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How many homes does Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury consist of?
There will be 8 new homes in Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury.
Which city council does Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury fall under?
Hume City Council is the local government area for Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury.
Which schools near Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury?
Below are the nearby schools for Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury:
  • Goonawarra Primary School - 1.8km north
  • Sunbury And Macedon Ranges Specialist School - 2.3km west
  • Sunbury Primary School - 2.4km west
  • Our Lady of Mount Carmel School - 2.5km north-west
  • Salesian College Sunbury - 3.0km north-west
  • Sunbury College - 3.4km north-west
Icona Way Townhomes at Everley - Sunbury