Case Study - George Papadopoullos from Latitude Real Estate

By: | 04 Aug, 2022

🎙️ OpenLot Case Study: George Papadopoullos from Latitude Real Estate

George Papadopoullos, the former General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Latitude Real Estate, discussed his experience with OpenLot in a recent case study. Latitude Real Estate was a boutique project marketing business with a strong commitment to being deeply involved in each project they undertook. Their philosophy was centred on hands-on project management, which was reflected in their approach to marketing and sales.

George explained how Latitude Real Estate's Chief Financial Officer had discovered OpenLot, noting its potential due to the significant web traffic and guaranteed lead generation it offered. OpenLot stood out because it not only generated leads but also qualified them by verifying phone numbers and email addresses. This reliability was a key factor in their decision to adopt the platform.

George highlighted that their sales team had had positive experiences with OpenLot leads, as they had been receiving leads for their projects at no cost. The verified contact information and the fact that the leads were relevant to their offerings made OpenLot an attractive option. Latitude Real Estate's commitment to quick response times aligned with OpenLot's lead verification process, which included sending a code to confirm phone numbers.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, George compared OpenLot leads to social media leads, emphasising the high quality of OpenLot leads due to their relevance and verification process. He acknowledged that the OpenLot package they had used had proven successful, with over 30 leads generated. While more scalability would have been beneficial, George remained a strong advocate for OpenLot, emphasising its unique approach to generating qualitative leads with guaranteed results, setting it apart from other lead-generation sources.