OpenLot Case Study - Ouwens Casserly Real Estate

By: | 28 Jul, 2023

🎙️ SA Client Interview - Ouwens Casserly Real Estate

In the past, Joshua Liebec, a sales associate for Ouwens Casserly Real Estate and the land sales agent for Hurdle Grove Estate in Old Reynella, participated in an interview with He mentioned that they initially sold land exclusively from their database due to the hot market conditions in April 2021. As the market started to slow down, they moved to to increase inquiries. However, they did not get as much inquiry as expected. That is when Aaron from OpenLot contacted Joshua, explaining how they generate inquiries through their platform. Impressed with the approach, Joshua arranged a meeting with their director and the developers at Tariq. After the meeting, they decided to subscribe to one of OpenLot's premium services.

Since subscribing to OpenLot, Joshua's team generated over 300 inquiries. He found the leads promising and had productive conversations with them. The success was evident as they managed to secure their first contract within the first month of using OpenLot's services. Joshua particularly praised the mobile verified leads provided by OpenLot, as they demonstrated the high quality and reliability of the leads. Additionally, the buyer profile information was beneficial, revealing what the buyers were looking for, their purchase timeline, their current situation, and the questions they had about the project.

Joshua had a positive experience with, recommending others to get in touch with Aaron and discuss how the platform could assist in promoting their projects. The interview highlighted how OpenLot's services significantly contributed to generating inquiries and facilitating successful contracts for Ouwens Casserly Real Estate's Hurdle Grove Estate project.