Case Study - 🎙️Hillscorp: 4 Times Amount of Verified Leads from than other platforms

By: | 04 Aug, 2023

🎙️Hillscorp: 4 times amount of verified leads from than other platforms

Sharon Bowden and Kerry-Anne Crowley represented Hillscorp Developments and Panorama Estate, respectively. Hillscorp Developments was a family-owned company with over 20 years of experience in developing residential subdivisions in Queensland. Panorama Estate, one of their projects, comprised 120 lots in Palm Woods on the Sunshine Coast, with stages one to three having been completely sold out by mid-2020.

Sharon Bowden discussed their shift to using OpenLot, a lead generation platform. Before OpenLot, they primarily relied on platforms like, domain, and social media advertising. However, the quality of leads from social media was lacking. Since implementing OpenLot for their final stage four, they have seen a significant improvement in lead quality. OpenLot provided them with verified leads, including phone numbers and emails, making them highly valuable. Additionally, OpenLot's pricing was more affordable compared to larger platforms, offering excellent value for their investment.

Kerry-Anne Crowley praised OpenLot's support and the personal attention she received from Con, a representative of OpenLot. She mentioned that Con had been responsive and had met her face-to-face to address any requests promptly. Overall, she rated OpenLot a perfect 10 out of 10. Without OpenLot, they would have missed out on the guaranteed leads they were currently receiving, emphasising the platform's importance to their past sales and marketing efforts.